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iSynergy WebDesign’s Favorite Blogs

Working in Web Design and Web Development generally has us using the web a lot (obviously). As such, we come across a lot of blogs and various websites that are often entertaining, helpful, inspirational, and down-right funny. We just wanted to take a little time and share some of our favorite blogs that we frequent as part of our professional habits or on our personal time.

In alphabetical particular order:

A List Apart

A List Apart

A List Apart isn’t so much a blog as a web magazine (they print new content based on issue numbers). However, when it comes to being a helpful resource in the web design industry, there probably isn’t a better place to find cutting edge design and development information focused on web standards and best practices.

Adobe Blogs

Adobe Blogs

Being in the design industry, it is imperative we keep up with the latest when it comes to all things Adobe. Along with news on the Adobe front, it is also a great source for tutorials, tips, and tricks on your favorite Adobe software.


Blogcritics is a great source for all sorts of topics, from TV, Music, Culture, Books, Sports, Politics, to Gaming, and Science/Technology.  Blogcritics consists of a collection of writers from all over and has an open policy on who can write for them. You or your neighbor could be their Writer of the Day.


Gizmodo is your must visit blog for all your gadgetry needs. Want to find out the latest about that smart phone app that will increase your productivity 10 folds? Well Gizmodo says there’s already one that will increase it 20 folds, so how about that?


OK, we admit, we have a bit of the geek-side in us and we like to get our gaming fix in every now and then. Kotaku is great way to keep up-to-date on that fix when we’re not actually gaming.

Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love is a blog focused around, you guessed it, logo design. It’s a great source for getting an interesting look at or getting inspiration from logo design.

Matt Mullenweg

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we, here at iSynergy WebDesign, love WordPress. We use it for our own blogs and for some of our clients who want to run blogs or a light-weight CMS. As such, we like to follow Matt Mullenweg, who bears the title of being the founding developer of WordPress.

Slickdeals Blog

We, here at iSynergy, are bargain hunters and we love Slickdeals for feeding us our regular dosage of deals. Slickdeals also has a blog, beyond their deal posts, and it’s often an insightful and entertaining blog in the world of financials, employment, and bargain shopping.


Smashapps provides the latest news and discussion on things related to blogging, web design, and generally, any internet-based tools that can help you get a leg up in the industry.

The Onion

The Onion has been around for quite some time and is still a great source for hilarious fake news. Love the parodies and the absurdity of some of the articles, especially when they hit a note where they’re saying what the real news is actually afraid to say.

Vandelay Design

Vandelay Design blog is a great resource for various tidbits on anything pertaining to design, be it inspirational imagery, interesting photography, admirable artwork, or technical web design.

Web Design Ledger

Web Design Ledger is a great resource for tips, tools, and tutorials for web design. You can often find some controversial but informative topics. Also, their posts can get technical, but it is a web design blog after all and part of web design is in the implementation.

Web Designer Wall

If for anything else, the Web Designer Wall is one of the more gorgeously designed blogs out there. It has a chaotic feel but yet elegant. Besides the visual beauty itself, though, the content within it is great for web designers, including tutorials, tips, and general ideas on web technology and design.

Website Magazine

Website Magazine is a great place for news and information on the latest and greatest on anything pertaining to the website design and success.


At iSynergy, we do a lot of work with WordPress (this blog uses it) and Magento (an e-commerce platform). Yoast is a great place for tips, plugins, and general information for both of these things.